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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 9th June 2020

360 Yoga with Coral respects your privacy and pledges to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information. 360 Yoga with Coral’s policies are designed to adhere to the Data Protection Act 2018, which includes all relevant GDPR requirements. 

All personal information you share with us is maintained in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (2000). References to 360 Yoga with Coral may include its affiliates, depending on the context.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please direct these in writing to:
Privacy Policy,
360 Yoga with Coral,
7 Cheviot Court,
7 Kendal Close,
N20 0SU
United Kingdom

Use of your information

360 Yoga with Coral obtains most personal information through completion and signing of waivers and disclaimer forms, as well as subscriptions to our newsletter.

Use of your personal information for any purpose other than those outlined, or the release of such information by parties outside of 360 Yoga with Coral, will only take place under the following circumstances:

When you give consent – we will disclose your personal information only when you have given consent. This includes the sharing of health information that may have been provided in connection with the purchase of a programme, class, or 1:1 session (including withdrawal, or request for a refund).

With your consent, we may use certain information to provide you with information about 360 Yoga with Coral. This consent is optional, and you may withdraw permission at any time.

Under no circumstances will we sell personal information to other parties.

Any personal information collected by 360 Yoga with Coral about its participants (including those making inquiries regarding services) is used internally by authorised employees, expressly for the following reasons:

  • to process payments,

  • to register you in the class / workshop / 1:1 session of your choice,

  • to update you regarding any changes to the planned services as and when required,

  • to determine the areas / features / services that are most valued by you.

We also collect information to determine the appropriate participation in the activities and services provided at 360 Yoga with Coral, and on our website.

Securing your information

The 360 Yoga with Coral website uses sophisticated security and safeguarding measures to protect users’ information.

One such measure is our use of secure server software (SSL), to ensure that your credit card details are protected against fraudulent use while on our site.

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